Llanberis has long been known as a starting point to head to the top of Snowdon, whether this be by walking, climbing or by train.  On my previous visits the memories I’ve taken away with me were of exactly that, the facilities to stay overnight and start early, to hit the mountain, a town populated and visited by people who want for nothing else.

          However, since my decision to “not climb Snowdon” was made ~ and voiced ~ I’ve looked longer and harder at Llanberis for alternative reasons.  Hubby still fits easily into the “climb Snowdon” category and would be more than happy to do so each time we visit ~ but there are a surprising number of other things to do too.

          On this trip we visited a castle ruin, a slate museum, and of course the lake, but there is still more to see, the power station inside a mountain, a waterfall and numerous, less strenuous circular walks set in beautiful landscapes with wonderful views to delight the camera. 

          Don’t be forgetting the steam trains too, one with a gentle ride around Lyn Padwrn, and the other taking the “non-climber’s” to the summit, maybe next time I’ll take the train, meet Hubby at the top, and walk back down.  I don’t think I need to add here that we will most definitely be going back again at some time in the future.

33. Houses & mountains.

          High Street in Llanberis gives off its own sunshine no matter what the weather, and of course no visit to Llanberis would be complete without at least one visit to “Pete’s Eats” ~ the dark blue building on the left of the photo ~ “possibly the best cafe in the world”.

2013-04. Petes eats.

          Big reputation ~ big portions ~ and equally big welcome ~ and a big thank-you.

           More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and pictures of “Snowdon” from our climb in 2009.

… We conquered.


          How is this for a room with a view … just before breakfast on Saturday morning.

          Our garden views were pretty awesome on the other two days we spent camping in Llanberis at the bottom of Snowdon too,

29. Friday morning.

          … even when the clouds rolled in and got us a bit “damp”.

30. Friday morning.

          Needless to say, I’ve plenty of pictures to sort out and I’ll filter them through over the next week or so.

           More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and pictures of “Snowdon” from our climb in 2009.


          I must have been barmy to have taken on Snowdon in my physical condition at the time, and boy did I pay for it over the next few days.

          But despite my constant complaining about afterwards, I did actually enjoy it at the time.

4. The neighbours.

7. Mountain sheep.

8. Sheep and Lyn Padyrn.

35. Llanberis path.



           More from before : posts about “Llanberis” and pictures of “Snowdon” from our climb in 2009.