Strange goodbyes

          Moving from one area to another there are inevitably goodbyes to be said but what about the actual house. No doubt Hubby is pleased to say goodbye to the fence which has limped through the last winter being held together by not much more than his willpower.

          For me it was a strange feeling yesterday sitting with most of our belongings in boxes, the odd nail here and there sticking out of the wall where a picture should have been. 

          I don’t have any huge bad memories from the old house, little ones here and there yes, but the bad memories in general fade quicker than good ones, I think it’s because I hold the good ones for longer when they reappear.

          Today I said my final goodbyes to our home for the last eighteen years. I said goodbye to the orange curtains, one of which still has the hem held up with pins because I never did get around to stitching it.  I said goodbye to the kitchen, my biggest D.I.Y project ever.  Whatever possessed me when I decided to move the units from one end to the other I don’t know, but I enjoyed doing it. 

          One of the strangest goodbyes this morning was to the “littlest room” of the house.

          I remember while at the dentist I used to sit in the chair looking up at the ceiling and trying to think of something, anything, other than the activity inside my mouth.  I eventually made friends with a series of swirls on the ceiling which gave itself very well to a pixie-like face, a little like one of the Snap, Crackle and Pop characters on a certain box of cereal. 

          Well it wasn’t the ceiling which shared its character with me in the “little room” it was the floor.   My first friend was like a Disney character from Snow White and the seven dwarfs.   He has a big round nose sitting on top of fluffy white facial hair.  Some days he wasn’t there, and yet on other days he was, as plain as the nose on his face.   I used to think about which one of the seven dwarfs he was. Happy ?  Sneezy ?  Sleepy ?  But then it came to me, Bashful !  Of course it would have to be Bashful, he never once looked me straight in the eye and very politely pinned his gaze to the wall. 

          The second of the flooring’s characters was nowhere as polite. He seemed to have stepped straight out of a western on tv. His hat was perched on his head and he had a fat cigar in his mouth. I imagine his hands would be poised next to his guns ready to draw them at a second’s notice.

          If I should catch his eyes while inconvenienced I would hold his gaze, so that his small dark eyes stared into mine until I left the little room.  


For Sale


          Looking out at our front garden through the net curtains I can see the blossom tree which bloomed so well on our very first visit to this house seventeen years ago.

      There’s no blossom as yet and the daffs we’ve added as a border around the fence are reaching for the sky, they haven’t yet dipped their heads but if you peer out from behind the nets with me you might be able to make out the word on the “FOR SALE” sign which is making me smile.  


          We’ve still got a long way to go and probably a lot of ups and downs on the emotional roller-coaster but “One Day” has just taken another step nearer on the reality ladder.

Not holding my breath


          Well, here I am camping out at my local Costa while two different sets, of strangers admire my house.

          Were back on the market for a move to Weymouth again and I use the word “admire” very tongue in cheek as I personally wouldn’t buy it.  To be fair to myself though, I am not the market we’re aiming at.  When we look at our perspective new home,  we’re looking to just move straight in, we’re willing to pay a little extra for any work which needs doing to have already been done, oh of course, I’ll be wanting to decorate, splash a little orange or yellow here or there, but that’s about it.

           Our house now was our first step onto the housing ladder and as first time buyers, with three young girls, we needed to look for location as much as a space to live in.  We could have bought smaller, cheaper houses on the other side of town, but our house was perfectly placed for what we needed, and at a price we could just about afford. We threw everything we had at getting it, and a little that we didn’t have, there was so much needing doing to it that they practically snapped our hand off when we offered the asking price (not really knowing any better) and after a “Rollercoaster ride” of emotions, eventually it was ours.

          We moved in and immediately the boiler was condemned.  This is how things continued for many years, someone had loved the house once, this showed in the odd special touch and expensive fitting which stil remained, but it was a very long time ago and since then it had been modernised with very bad diy skills, and let out to uncaring tenants, we had a lot of work to do to make the place inhabitable,  before we could even think of home improvements.

          I remember that first winter without the central heating, we set up little electric heaters here there and everywhere, we huddled under duvets watching TV of an evening and saved as much money as we could to have heating fixed for the following winter but when the damp set in and the wallpaper threatened to abandon the walls, we called on my Dad, (which is where I get my perfectionism from) we called on my Dad to come and help.

          Mum and Dad arrived for a few days, Dad set about the pipes, wires etc ready for the plumber to just arrive and attach the last connections, and Mum set about my huge pile of ironing in an attempt to get warm.

          After that we worked our way slowly through home improvements, and I very gradually put right so many of the bad diy jobs.  The girl’s friends would very often take a tour of the house to see what I’d changed since their last visit.

          That was almost eighteen years ago, and although the imagination and the know-how are still available, I just don’t think I have the energy to start again in a house that needs much more than just a little TLC.

          Our house now would suit an investor, or a first time buyer.  It’s starting to look a little tired here and there, and there are still more improvements which could be made.

          Our two first viewings are both first time buyers.  We don’t have a pink blossom view from the bedroom window which is when I realised I was “Sold” on the house, but I’m really hoping one of our first time buyers will take the plunge while I’m sitting here drinking coffee.

          I’ve got my fingers crossed… But I’m not holding my breath.