DSC_1179. Moonshine gondolas.

         It’s almost impossible to think of Venice without a picture of a Gondola springing to mind.   I’ve been lucky enough to visit this beautiful city three times now and although I’ve had plenty of opportunity, I still haven’t ridden in a Gondola.  Looking back at the number of my photos they feature in, and the number of smiles they raise with the mere thought of seeing one, then I guess I should ask myself why I’ve not taken the plunge (figuratively speaking of course).

DSC_1204. Gondola Rialto.

          I’m the frugal one out of Hubby and myself, so is it the high price placed on such a short length of enjoyment which is standing in my way? No, I think not, I’ve demonstrated to myself on many occasions that I am more than willing to pay way over the expected price for something which to me would be worth more when counted in smiles as opposed to pennies, if I really wanted to ride in a Gondola then I would be quite happy to pay for it.

          I’m not at all romantic, so maybe the thought of sitting in a Gondola next to Hubby (my knight in shining armour) isn’t quite as exciting as it might be for the more romantic souls.  Within hours of our arrival this time we shared in the joy of one young couple as a proposal of marriage was offered and accepted in a Gondola and the wedding photos we saw being taken of more than one bride and groom set in such a romantic location will record their beautiful day for eternity. 

Watching gondolas.

          I have a vivid imagination.  I can imagine sitting back and relaxing on the luxurious seats, a large floppy hat keeps the glare away from above as the sunshine twinkles on the still waters.  The Gondola glides silently through the water which laps gently against the old stone walls and hidden doorways with no sound of a motor, is that opera music I can hear in the distance ? 

         Alas, the opera music is in the gondola along side me, it’s very seldom you see just one gondola at a time and even in the quiet smaller canals you’ll probably be watched or photographed by someone trying to catch a memory of their own of one of the main tourist attractions of Venice.  

          Maybe that’s it, maybe that’s why I haven’t been on a gondola yet, maybe my imagination is too good, a

nd maybe I don’t want to risk spoiling the magical gondola ride in my imagination with a dose of reality.

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Rialto mercato

       “Rialto Bridge” is one of the main tourist attractions in Venice, but just a short walk over the bridge away from the San Marco direction brings you to the market.

          Rialto market is a covered market selling fresh produce from land and sea, in Britain it would be an indoor market, but with Venice temperatures they seem to have no need for walls and doors  instead the roof is supported by pillars and arches.  There were rumours around the time of our last visit that the market was going to close, but I’m glad that didn’t happen and it was still around for all to visit.

IMG_0411. Seagull shout.

          One of the market’s visitors was drawing a little more attention than others. Venice is a city, but its a city quite literally on the sea so of course it has seagulls and where else would you expect to see a seagull in Venice but at its famous fish market.

IMG_0415. Seagull arch.

          Seagulls aren’t shy creatures, and this particular bird had helped itself to a nice piece of fish, gobbling his prize down greedily and shouting in no uncertain terms at anyone who had any intention of taking it away.

IMG_0418. Seagull wallow.

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San Marco puddles


          The puddles in San Marco Square don’t come down with the rain … They come up with the tide. 


          More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006, Jul 2013, Jun 2018 and October 2022.