It takes me just 35 minutes to walk to work, but I’ve taken to leaving a good 45 minutes before I need to arrive because I like to pause and enjoy the view.








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Morning commute


           Walking along the prom on my way to work the other morning. 

          Yes, I can quite happily do this until I get to real retirement.    

           More from before: Semi-retirement by the seaside in “Weymouth

High waters

          The lake where I stop to feed the swans has two sets of steps leading down to a path alongside the water.  When I arrive, I go down the first set of steps and walk along the path to the second so that by the time I reach the second steps quite a crowd has gathered there to greet me. 


          It’s a tidal lake, sometimes the waters are low enough to see the odd traffic cone or the shopping trolley and other times the waters are so high that the swans can just step on and off of the little path along the side.


          Today was a high tide day and two of the swans were standing in water on the path, preening their feathers.  I had no bread but stopped to chat, they’d just hissed at a little girl who had paused to say hello, I thought that was particularly rude and told them so.  They didn’t seem bothered about what I thought, it seems my opinion only counts if accompanied by food.


           After watching me for a minute or two, they just carried on with their  preening while I carried on yabbering about the tides and the weather.  I apologised for having no food to offer and asked for a nicer pose for my picture, the one swan didn’t even attempt to turn around for me, he stretched out his wings and I believe he wagged his tail before stepping easily into the high waters.


          More from before: Semi-retirement by the seaside in “Weymouth