Rabbit trio

          Middle Daughter is the resident rabbit expert in our family, she’s put in hours and hours of research and if she can’t answer a question, then she “knows a man who can”. I’ll try and explain what we’ve been doing but if I’ve got something wrong or something needs adding, I’m sure she’ll drop in with a comment or two to help us out.

          Apparently two males and one female have the best chance of bonding in a trio so we were in luck.  We had to put all three rabbits into a confined neutral space, they can be very territorial and we didn’t want to introduce anyone into anyone elses territory so they were all heading towards the bath.  This in itself proved the most stressful part of the process so far.  I was to pick up Pepper, a feat in itself as he’d been very well conditioned by Alice not to come anywhere near me.  I started first and with some amazing luck within less than five minutes I had Pepper up and out of the run, huddled in my arms with his head tucked firmly in underneath my elbow.  I guess he figured if he couldn’t see me, then I couldn’t see him.

          Next Finx, (or “Queen Finx” as Middle Daughter affectionately calls her because she is very much in charge of Tango) was lifted up and given to Hubby to hold while we waited for Tango to present himself into an appropriate position to be gently lifted out of their run … No chance, he’d seen the other two hoisted up into the air and was having none of it.  He settled himself into the most in-accessible part of the run and stayed there. In the end Middle Daughter had to

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          I just had to leave that last line of gobbledy-gook where it was because I’m sitting on Middle Daughter’s settee with my feet up under her throw as the heating is turned off to keep the rabbits cool and Lola, her cat just jumped up and seated herself on the laptop keyboard for her share of the attention.

          Where was I ?, Oh yes, Middle Daughter had to practically dismantle the weatherproofing of the run to finally coax Tango out and eventually we got a very hot Pepper, a rather annoyed Finx, and a slightly stressed Tango into the bath.

          Hubby needs a mention here for his heroics, Finx decided she was having none of it and wanted to get down, sinking her teeth into his shoulder and breaking the skin through two thick jumpers.  He’s ok, and his war-wound will heal in no time.

          Actually the stress of catching them worked in our favour because they were all too upset or annoyed to bother fighting with each other when we put them together.  Pepper just lay there panting, Tango turned his back on Pepper and pointedly ignored him and Finx sat rather indignantly between the two.

          Pepper put his nose down to Finx, if he was asking for her to groom him then he was very much out of luck, Queen Finx very rarely grooms Tango let alone a stranger.  There’s another possible explanation though, maybe he was putting his head down low to show he was no threat and it this is the case, it soon worked once Finx had persuaded Tango to turn around and at least acknowledge Pepper was there, she stretched out on the mat and made herself comfortable.

1. Happy Finx.

          So there you have it, the first part of the “dating game”.  Tune in next week for the next thrilling installment …

          No seriously, it’s all going fine, we’ve progressed past the bath stage but I’ve got other things I need to be doing, like eating lunch and making coffee etc., not forgetting more photos to sort out, so I’ll finish for now and catch you up to speed on the next post..

The big move

3. 12-01-2014. Sitting.

          Last night, Pepper spent another night in a strange garden.  He’s already moved from his own garden, (where he “mis-behaved” and followed the cats over the fence to go out to play in the street) to his kitchen, and then again to our garden where he met and made friends with Alice.  Now he’s gone to live with Middle Daughter and her two rabbits, Finx and Tango.

4. 12-01-2014. Washing.

          I say “gone to live with” but as we’ve already seen when Pepper came to live with Alice, it’s not quite that simple.  They have to be introduced gradually and then once the other two rabbits do hopefully accept Pepper into their family circle there will be a slight competition for the garden hierarchy,  Pepper is so placid though that I’m quite certain he’ll just slide easily into whatever slot of the pecking order he is told to. 

97. 2013-04-16.

          Yesterday we hired “a man with a van” and uplifted not just Pepper, but the whole caboodle from my garden, not just the two hutches and run, but all of the trappings which were needed to go with it. 

113. 2013-04-27. Run.

          Poor Middle Daughter’s garden is very full at the moment, not only does she have her own rabbit set up, (which is amazing and, of course, I’ll show you photos in due course) but now she’s got two extra hutches and a second run as well.

97. 2013-04-14. Pepper & Snap.

          The plan is to “bond” Pepper with Finx and Tango and for all three of them to live happily together.  This could be a long process, but with a little luck the three of them will get on wonderfully as soon as they’re put together.  (The dating game begins on Sunday).

          Already he’s shown more interest in the other two rabbits than he has in either me or Hubby over the last two weeks so I’ve no doubt at all that although Hubby and I are going to miss having him around, this is the right move for Pepper.  Hopefully it won’t be long before he’s settled in his new home, with his new friends, and will be just as happy as he was with Alice.

2013-05. Bugs on a rug.

115. 2013-05-03. Pepper in house.


Broken glass

          This morning was forecast to be a real pea-souper of a fog so I took my camera along to work with me with the plan to wander and take a few eerie photos on the way home.

          Needless to say this didn’t happen, I had a text when I turned my phone on at lunch time saying there was glass in the garden and the rabbits were acting very frightened and aggressive.  Hubby had managed to persuade them into the safety of the hutch and run for bed but had not managed to check them out before they went in so I hurried home, not quite sure what to expect.

          A quick peep outside showed that the glass wasp-trap which was usually sitting on the table was in pieces on the floor (lots of pieces) so at least the puzzle of where the glass had come from was solved.  There’s a path which runs along the other side of the back fence and we were worried that someone had thrown a glass bottle over, accompanied with a bigger worry that they might have enjoyed doing it enough to do it again.  So the fact that one of the furries had just knocked the wasp-trap off was quite a relief.

          I had to wait for daylight to arrive properly before I could start sweeping up so Alice and Pepper stayed safely inside the hutch for a while longer.  After the clean-up I lifted the lid of the hutch and plucked Alice out quite easily to inspect her feet and undercarriage.  No problem there, another relief.  Pepper didn’t prove quite so easy to pluck out of the hutch, but eventually he gave in and let me catch him.  Another relief, no cut feet and a beautifully clean undercarriage.

          All’s well that ends well, when I checked again just now, Alice is sitting under the table, a favourite resting place of both bunnies, and Pepper has retreated back into the hutch, still feeling safer sleeping in the daytime inside.

          Since I didn’t manage to find some pea-soup pictures to share this morning, I’ll take you back to our weekend in Medway when I first realized the fog could be just a much fun as the sunshine.



           More from before : Goings on in “my garden” and pictures from a weekend in “Medway” in January 2012.