Meanwhile … back at the hutch

36. 12.02.11

          While Rabbitt was burrowing his way deep into our family, his sisters were settling into their own homes too.

          Finx, living with Middle Daughter, was a house rabbit.  We all thought Middle Daughter was mad when she first announced this, but she had done her research and everything was turning out nicely.  All of the rabbits were almost litter tray trained but of course, rabbits are destructive by nature, digging in the ground and biting at the roots they find so precautions were taken to protect wires and carpets etc, although the odd piece of skirting board and door frame took a little battering and needed a bit of attention at a later date.

          So long as Finx wasn’t bored around the flat, she was pretty well-behaved.  She spent many an hour sitting on the arm of the sofa with her nose nuzzled against Middle Daughter just sharing the company.

          Bop-bop moved home, just over the garden fence (literally), she went to live with Grandma where she had the run of the garden and was soon introduced to a friend who came to stay too, Winnie.  Result … two very happy bunnies.

          Youngest Daughter didn’t have quite so much luck, Mum and Dad rabbits were eating themselves out of house and home.  No exaggeration here, they munched their way through their hutch and moved into next doors garden under the shed.  As many times as their hutch was repaired, and there were many, they would eat their way out again and dig their way back through to next door’s garden.  Understandably the neighbours weren’t too chuffed and eventually Mum and Dad rabbits were moved indoors as indoor rabbits.

          As happy as Finx was living indoors with Middle Daughter, Mum and Dad rabbits pined for the outside and eventually had to be rehomed to somewhere a little more accommodating to the way they wanted to live.

          Rabbitt, who at first seemed to grow more each day, finally grew into his ears.  He wasn’t a digger, we were lucky there and the rabbit-proofing in the garden stood up well so he was often to be found running in and out of the house at will.

39. 19.04.11

          As the weather turned colder he grew a really fluffy fur coat and I had to add more and more layers to my coat to play outside with him.  He was quite happy to still spend time indoors running up and down the stairs, round and round the house and sitting on the windowsill, he soon worked out that the passageway from the front door to the kitchen was the coolest place to flop down.  This picture of him lying in the room doorway is another cool spot he found on the cool metal carpet joiner. 

37. 02.03.11

          He learned to scratch at the back door to be let out, and also learned that if he scratched at it from outside we would open it to let him back in again.

27. Rabitt in snow.

          I insulated the top of the hutch with bubblewrap and stuffed it really full of hay and his thick fur coat thickened even more as the winter deepened.  On the morning when I came home from work in snow almost a foot deep I immediately went out to check on him, worried we might have to make other arrangements, but he loved the snow, he burrowed underneath it leaving a trail behind him and popping up here and there like a little mole.

29. Snow rabbit.

          I set about the garden with a spade to clear as much of the grass as I could, Rabbit was quite happy eating hay, but was happier when I found the grass again for him, the snow wasn’t good snowman snow, it was too powdery to roll into a ball but since I’d shovelled it all into a huge pile on the patio I carved out a snow rabbit instead.

          Finally the thaw came, here’s Rabbitt waiting patiently to come out to play when I arrived home from work in the morning.

30. Rabbitt icicles.

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Rabbitt (with 2 T’s)

          I’ve mentioned before in “Rabbitt Antics” how Rabbit came to live with us and how he started off playing in the kitchen with me while I rabbit-proofed the garden.

          I used to come in from work in the morning and bring him into the kitchen to play, he didn’t like to be picked up, Youngest Daughter said that one of the little white rabbits had been dropped during the time they were played with and handled in her garden to make them people friendly, this might have been Rabbitt, which might explain why he didn’t like to be picked up.  I’d lie down on the floor and he was quite happy to play at his level.

          Catching a picture of him on the little camera on my mobile phone was quite another matter altogether he didn’t keep still for very long even then.

9. 18.09.10a
10. 18.09.10a

          Once the garden was safe Rabbitt had free run of it, his first time out he ran round and round in huge circles and settled in a spot against the fence in the flowerbed next to the white flock.

12. 20.09.10a

15. 24.09.10

          As he became more used to playing outside, he stayed out for longer and longer, eventually only being shut back into his hutch at night. I still used to come in from work in the morning and let him out, then I would close off the rest of the house and leave the back door ajar for him to hop in and out.

          As the weather got a little colder, Rabbitt gained his thick fur coat and I would lay in the floor next to the radiator to play, very often dozing off to sleep after working all night and waking up to find he’d just come inside and laid down next to me.

          He loved broccoli, here’s Hubby teaching him to do a meerkat impersonation.

23. 30.11.10

          Little by little he grew into his huge ears, and every now and again would stop running around in circles long enough for me to catch him with the camera, I used to put the box of rabbit treats on the floor and he’d pick it up and throw it around to get at his favourites… anything but the orange ones, I used to take those when I visited Middle Daughter and she’d give them to Finx .


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Fluff bombs

          Look what I found while digging around in the picture file for “Rabbitt” …

1. 26.07.10

          Since Rabitt, Finx, Bop-bop and their other sisters were born on 4th July (Rabbitt independence day), the date on this photo would make them just 22 days old.  Finx is easily recognisable as the only honey coloured fur-bomb, but as for the others, I can see possibly five little bodies mingled together.

          Photo credits here to Youngest Daughter I think, as with the next.

2. 09.08.10

          This time they’re a month older, I think the pearly white one in the middle would be Bop-bop, and by the process of elimination using their markings, Rabbitt is the one in the middle of the group of three.

          More from before : “Furry Friends“, past and present.