In the beginning

          In the beginning there were two rabbits, two female rabbits bought as a couple of cute furry pets, easy to look after, not too much trouble or expense, the ideal pet to fit into today’s busy lifestyle.  We couldn’t have been more wrong with our assumptions.

          Youngest daughter was the proud owner of these two female rabbits, they lived in a large two level hutch and everything in the garden was rosey … until one of the female rabbits had a litter of little rabbits.  Ooops !

          Then the fun began.  Obviously the female who didn’t have the litter, now the proud father had to be separated from his mate until the little ones could fend for themselves, and until the babymaking equipment had been disabled.  Youngest Daughter and an army of friends did a wonderful job of handling the babies as often as possible so that by the time they were ready to move out they were more than happy to be played with and would be easy to find new homes for.

          Middle Daughter instantly chose one and named it Finx, as did her future sister-in-law, her rabbit being named by her young daughter as Hop-hop, but her daughter being very young at the time, the name got mutated to Bop-bop.  Almost all of the other babies were found homes until eventually Youngest Daughter was left with just Mum, Dad, and one white baby boy rabbit.  Having to separate Mum and her baby boy to avoid a repeat baby performance youngest Daughter bought another hutch and persuaded Hubby that we needed a rabbit in our lives too …

          We had recently lost our cat and although we had our differences, lots of them as we seemed to be permanently competing to be Alpha Female, I did miss her.  Her name was Toffee, but I always just called her cat, so when my little white rabbit arrived, I just decided to name him “Rabbitt” (with two T’s).

31. 20.01.11


Window pain

          Do you remember a while ago I was re-living the Ground-force moment in my garden with a “Birds eye view” and showing the resulting finished patio and “Window boxes“.  After my little bit of gardening yesterday I went back in search of the posts to find a pre-flowerbed picture and couldn’t believe this picture was taken way back in 2003 … doesn’t time fly.

          After the patio we carried on with the house improvements, someone came and put up a new fence all around the garden, up until then I’d just been patching it each year with slats I’d acquired.  Middle Daughter will remember me acquiring an old fence panel for spare slats from the other end of our street.  Someone was just demolishing their old fence ready for a new one to go up and had left the old panels leaning up against a wall.  I asked if they were being thrown out and if I could have one (as you do) and was told if I could take it away within the hour I could.  Middle Daughter was the only one around so, armed with a pair of gloves each, we lifted one end each of a six foot square fence panel horizontally and walked it for about 20 minutes along the road to our house … much to the amusement of passing traffic.

          A while later we had the old windows replaced with double-glazing, what a difference, it looked almost like a new house, all I needed to do then was to make a new garden.

          This is where the other two flowerbeds started to take shape.  As my Grandad always used to tell us, the preparation makes the job so I set about the ivy on the shed wall you can see in the first photo with a wallpaper scraper and a wire brush.  Once this was removed, I cleared the wall of numerous wall plugs, and nail with my claw hammer and finally hammered in the last of the nails whose heads had rusted too far for me to pull them out.

          Bear in mind this was less than a week after the windows had been installed and then imagine my horror as a nail snapped off, flew across the patio and hit the new window followed instantly by a wave of tiny diamond shapes spreading upwards from the bottom corner where the nail had hit.

          It all turned out in the end, I think the house insurance paid for most of the cost to have the original window people make up another double glazed panel and come and fit it.  The double glazing man said he’d never had to go out so soon after fitting a window to do a replacement job and if the nail had hit the window anywhere other than where it did, it wouldn’t have broken.  Typical … I bet I caused a few chuckles in the office though.

          There was no “Furry friends” to munch away at the plants at this time, but after I mapped out the new flowerbeds I needed them to stop the birds eating the seeds so I rigged up a load of netting attached with clothes pegs to various bits of wood… then jI ust had to stop our cat, Toffee, from chasing any birds who did manage to get in.

          I planted a couple of hebe bushes in the back corners and a red-berry Pyracantha in the middle against some trellis on the shed.  They all grew pretty well for a while (pre-rabbit-era) … here’s a shot of the hebes and a little visitor playing with the alabaster stones , her mum had popped in to feed our new pet while I spent the weekend away with Hubby.  That’s Rabbitt you can see in the background.

          And finally, another look at what it looks like today.