Coffee & Cakes

          If there’s one thing I can do well, it’s drink coffee and eat cakes.  OK, that’s two things, but I’m not sharing my counting abilities on this page, I’m  sharing memories of some of the amazing coffees and cakes I’ve tasted, and if you do happen to find yourself in the vicinity, I’ll share links for you to be able to find these wonderful places too

          Bear in mind that I’m a Costa girl at heart, this will help you to work out which coffee you’d prefer if your taste is different to mine.  I’m wondering if I should give points, maybe from one to five, for taste, service, cosiness etc, but that might come later.

          In the meantime, for your comparison, my personal preference puts Costa at the top of my list, Starbucks would come in at a very close second place, Cafe Nero would be quite a way down on my list, and unfortunately Pret wouldn’t even hit the scoreboard, I would drink water.

Secret Garden Cafe, Bicester


Sophia’s Kitchen, Weymouth


Boho Gelato, Weymouth


Coffee Saloon, Weymouth 


The Good Life Cafe, Weymouth


Library Harbour Cafe, Weymouth


Nautico Lounge, Weymouth

The Ship, Weymouth

Palm House, Weymouth

More to follow.