Yesterday’s sunrise



Me in 3


          I belong to a photography group on Facebook. My photos aren’t anywhere near as good as some on the group but it’s a cheerful group of all levels and it’s quite fun to just join in.

          One of the latest ideas in the group was to take a photo of three things which people would know instantly represented you.

          My picture is above…

          My crochet throw, made in my favourite colours, my favourite mug, big enough to hug and full of coffee of course, and my brightly coloured socks which raise a secret smile every time I catch a glimpse of them.

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Treasure hunting


          Yesterday’s sunshine saw me wandering on the far end of the beach after work.  I must have wandered for easily half an hour in the wrong direction before turning back on myself and heading for home. 

          My eyes would have wandered twice as far as my feet as I followed the seaweed line left behind by the turning high tide searching for more treasure .


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