The List

         Just “words“? 

      To do or not to do … that is the question? 

2015-01. To do.

          So, in no particular order …

Hem orange curtains,

Lose the half stone I’ve put back on since my birthday,

Practice with “Harley”,

Feed the birds,

Move to Weymouth,

Take down the last of the Christmas decorations,

Go out in the rain,

Persuade Hubby to let me have a pet python,

Replace the shelves in the little bedroom with pictures…  easier to dust,

Make (and photograph) more cakes for “Cakes and More”,

Join a bowls club,

Choose to go put in the rain, 

Knit the edging to Eldest Daughter’s throw,

Paint my nails,

Find a rusty old boot scraper for the garden,

Choose a new picture for the wall,

Find a “Mother-of-the Bride” outfit for May,

Go early morning beach-combing,


Knit myself a jumper,

Do more walking,

Build a sandcastle,

Investigate the many new coffee shops I’ve found,

Make more coffee-machine coffees,

Stop thinking of things to put on the list and do something.


14 thoughts on “The List

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    • Ah, but the shed is a good one too really, partly because if I tidy it and make enough room for Hubby’s bike to go in, I can have the space back in the girls old bedroom and my view of the TV will then be unhindered from the settee, and partly because now that I’ve replaced the old slatted blinds in the kitchen with a roller blind, my instant view is the shed door with old peeling paint.
      I’ve plans to brighten my view somewhat when I get as far as painting it. 🙂

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