Nice castle hill

          If all you’re looking for is the castle in Nice, then as the travel reviews warned me, you will almost certainly be disappointed – but if you’re looking to enjoy a wander in some beautifully kept grounds with some wonderful views a climb to the castle is a must.

120. Nice casstle.

          There are a few stonework pieces to marvel at.  As an information plaque (I can’t remember if it was at the top or the bottom of the steps) informed me though, the castle was dismantled by Louis XIV after the French occupation in 1706 and was, much later, converted into a park.

121. Nice casstle.

122. Nice casstle.

123. Nice casstle.

          But as for the views … Again … Wow !

109. Castle view of port.

           More from before – A holiday in “Nice” in July 2012.

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