Conisbrough viaduct

          Each time Hubby has a comp in a different place, I poke around here and there on the map and google a few place names on the images selection to see if there is anywhere near to go and play with the camera, this is how I found Conisbrough castle.  I planned to travel to Conisbrough by train, just one stop away, and then walk back along the canal.  I printed myself out a map and checked it out with the Doncaster tourist information centre on Friday evening to see if there was anywhere they either wouldn’t recommend I go alone, or would recommend I stop with the camera.  Conisbrough viaduct was one of the highly recommended stops along the way home.

18-conisbrough-viaduct         Apparently there’s a walk which takes you over the viaduct with a wonderful view of the castle, and then joins the canal on its way to Doncaster, giving you a great view of the viaduct too.  This was the plan.  As plans go it was a pretty good one.  I needed to go back to the train station from the castle and  cross the river to join the path.  The train and castle part of the plan worked well and as I left the castle I could see the viaduct in the distance.  Then things started to unravel.  I couldn’t find the bridge to cross the river.  I trudged in the slushy snow along the main road to just past the station and at one stage thought I’d found the road leading to the bridge.  I asked a young “gentleman” if I was heading in the right direction and he suggested I followed him as he was heading that way too.  It took me less than ten steps to notice the can of “alcoholic beverage” in his one hand, and the other three in a carrier bag in his other.  Hmmn, I gave him my thanks for his time and told him I had decided to follow the main road before beating a hasty retreat back towards the traffic.

          I followed the main road in the right direction for a while but walking down hill I rapidly lost sight of the viaduct.  I figured an elderly couple were probably a safer bet to ask for direction and was pointed towards a footpath at the end of the road I was following.  The footpath turned out to be a bridleway where the snow, slush and mud had all been well churned by the odd passing horse, but I had my wellies so I set off down the path,  it wasn’t long before the viaduct came back into sight through the trees.

19-hidden-viaduct          As I followed the path, I was heading down and down, catching a glimpse of the viaduct here and there from behind the trees.  It was growing higher and higher as I walked further down the quiet path, not a path which was used very often by the look of the cold seat I passed near to the bottom of the hill.

20-cold-bench          A little further on the path headed underneath the base of the viaduct, this must have been the path shown on my map which went along the side of the canal, passing through one of the arches as it did. 

          You know that time of day though, the time when even if you can’t see the sun in the sky you know it’s passed its high point and the temperature is going to drop as fast as the light dims?  Well, I was there.  I stood at the base of the viaduct with a decision to make as to which way to go and made the one to head upwards back to the main road.

21-last-look-back          One last look back at the viaduct as I squeezed through a small gate to walk alongside the traffic to the next bus stop … and a warm seat back to Doncaster bus station.

          Maybe next time I’ll start at the canal in Doncaster and walk it until I find the viaduct, then catch the train back after a walk around the castle.

           More from before : Daytrip to “Conisbrough” in the snow

3 thoughts on “Conisbrough viaduct

  1. I love the first image with the juxtaposition of the dramatic viaduct and snow-covered hills in the background with the sweet cottage type properties in the foreground.

    • Thanks, it caught my eye as I was leaving the castle. I bet there were a few good pictures of it waiting at the top of the tower for me. 🙂
      They’ll keep until next time though. 😀

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