Well, there’s the first thing achieved from “The List”, ok, sort of achieved, I’ve taken the Christmas decorations down from around the house, but I haven’t got the Christmas boxes as far as the attic yet, they’re almost all ready to go up, but not quite.  They’re sitting in the back bedroom waiting for the last bits to be packed away and then up they’ll go for another year.

2015-10. Tree up.

          To say I didn’t go overboard with the decorations this year would be a bit of an understatement but the biggest difference was my Christmas tree.  I decided not to put up the big six-foot tree in the corner of the room, each year Mum-in-law calls round for most of the day to decorate it, a job which I really don’t enjoy, and she does, but then after Christmas I have to spend ages taking it back down and bagging up the hundreds (literally) of little decorations into separate bags to box up and put away in the attic for next year.  This year I decided I would go smaller, and with the added excuse of lending the big tree to Eldest Daughter to put up in her new house, I set about the shops (if you remember on “Black Weekend” in Norwich) to find a small tree I was happy with.  Nothing really caught my imagination, I wasn’t expecting to put up a tree quite this small, but I liked it, after I’d eventually cut off the tacky big holly leaves and found some baubles I almost liked.

          The reindeer and the orange rope tinsel were bits I’d bought last year, I wish I’d bought more decorations because orange was the theme last year and this year when I wanted orange to put up in the newly decorated room, there was none to be found.

          The tree isn’t very stable and my little fairy from “Christmas past” wasn’t too safe on the top so she sat on the reindeer instead and after winding the tinsel rope this way and that to make it stay where I wanted it, I finally decided to give up on gentle persuasion and attacked it with the stapler.

          The little green wire hooks on the baubles squeezed tight quite easily so I didn’t have to resort to pliers, the plan is that because the tree comes apart easily (too easily really) and then sinks into a spiral on the floor, that I can just leave the decorations on it, and lift it from the centre next year.

2015-01. Tree down.

          I’ll be dropping into the local pizza shop during the week and asking if I can have one of their boxes to pack it away in.

          More from before : “The List“.

2 thoughts on “De-Christmasing

    • Thanks, it was a very cheap tree, so I’m not sure if it will survive next Christmas too but I like the idea of lifting it out of the box already decorated and a pizza box seemed the ideal way to keep it intact for next year. 😀

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