St Ives

          “As I was going to St Ives, I met a cat with seven lives … Not the traditional riddle I know, but the words got jumbled in my head and when they surfaced again this version made me smile.

          It seems that the summer of 2022 is to be remembered by many for staycating at the great British seaside. We joined the ‘many’ and headed further south than our own seaside for a couple of days in St. Ives.

          We arrived in the rain and Hubby crawled the car through small, one-way, cobbled streets full of people, following our directions first to our B&B, and then to our pre-booked parking space. Hubby puts a lot of research into holidays and although the room came with quite a substantial price tag, and without breakfast, it was quirky and in a good location. As we pulled into our accompanying parking spot, the rain stopped and the clouds lifted. Even the carpark had a good view, and St. Ives was thouroughly forgiven.

          We wandered along a little path, up and down steps and past Bamaluz beach (one of St. Ives’ many beaches – and incidentally a dog friendly one), back to the main hub of activity, Harbour sands. At low tide the sea disappears completely and families play on the sand building sandcastles amongst the tilted boats, then the sea comes in and the view changes as small yachts mingle with speed boats.

          The eateries selling various forms of liquid refreshment were everywhere, and of course, tables with a view screamed out for the camera, although we didn’t sample the food here, this picture was taken from the window of the “Rum & Crab Shack” as the sky gained a slight tinge of pink.

          I opted for some traditional seaside fish and chips … in a cardboard box. No good old fashioned paper and none of yesterday’s news stories, but the lid of the box did afford me some very much needed protection from the local seagulls as I attacked my fish with two tiny wooden forks, upturned into a pair of chopsticks.

          As the sun dipped, and the clouds rolled back in, we headed up the windy stairs in our quirky B&B to check out the next day’s weather forecast. Staycations in Britain don’t necessarily need good weather … but it most definitely helps.

          More from Before: staycation in St. Ives, “Cornwall” in June ’22.

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