Cannington Viaduct

          The Cannington viaduct is near “Uplyme“, which in turn is near to Lyme Regis.

          We’ve just returned from a few days camping in Uplyme, I’ll tell you all about that soon, but I’m sorting through my photos and the first ones I took were of the viaduct.

          The sun was shining when we arrived and once the tent was up we set off on a short circular walk to see the viaduct.  The map we had been given sent us off through a gap in the hedge, over a style and a small bridge and across a field full of sheep heading for one of the “best views”.

           More from before: our weeek in “Lyme Regis” in April 2012.

16 thoughts on “Cannington Viaduct

    • Thanks, according to wikipedia, the one arch has brickwork in it as an extra support because of subsidence so the detail on that one arch was added later.

    • Thanks, it’s enormous, I had hoped to go to the top and take a picture from there but the disused railway track which runs across the top has been recalimed by nature and is pretty much inaccessable now.

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  2. That is special. Pity it seems not to be in use any longer. I would love to cross one of these impressive structures in a barge… the views!

    • Eldest daughter crossed one on a barge holiday last summer, she said it was really scary because on the one side all she could see was the sheer drop ! 🙂
      Hey, maybe you should come on a barge holiday to England and I can visit you on the Oxford canal ! 😀

    • Thanks, we followed directions and a map to where it said was the best viewpoint and this was the view when we emerged from a small footpath … they were right. 🙂

    • Thanks, the top one was taken from the viewpoint shown on a hand-drawn map we put just 20p in a local charity box for. It was a wonderful view and I put a little more in the box after we returned. 🙂

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