Hey there, a note to myself – and of course anyone else who’s here too.
I’ve just spent two weeks waiting for a filling in a front tooth to be replaced so of course my diet has consisted of anything which didn’t need biting and so cashews were out of the question.
My rhuematism has gone potty again, even wrapping myself up in a warm duvet has to be weighed up against how bad it is getting into a cold bed before it warms up first and at times I’ve even resorted back to painkillers.
So … without realising it, I’ve come to think that the difference having cashew nuts in my diet has made isn’t just in my head.

Photographic Memories

          Copper, iron, cashew nuts, rheumatism … what do these four things have in common ?



          Ok, let me explain.  I’ve suffered, no I won’t say suffered I’ll say had, I’ve had rheumatism since the age of 6.  Since most people start to get rheumatism from between the ages of 40 and 50 and since I’ve already had it for, let’s say “over 40” years then in rheumatic years I’m an old lady of at least 80.

          For you lucky people who’ve never had to deal with rheumatism the easiest thing to compare the feeling with is a very sensitive tooth.   Imagine you get up in the morning with your mouth all warm and cosy, then you clean your teeth with running water from the cold tap.  Arrrhhh !  Ok, once the initial jab of pain has gone can you think of the ache which immediately follows, the one which stays behind once the cold water has gone, the one which…

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