Progressive planning

          It’s time to start another throw, and this time it’s mine so there’s no keeping it hidden and secret until it’s finished so as to not spoil any surprise, this time you can be in on the whole caboodle, from start to finish.

          So first we need a plan … or not.

          Me, a plan, don’t laugh too hard.  Plans are for people who know what they want, know exactly where they’re going, me ?  at best I usually know what I don’t want, and take it from there, making things up as I go along, or as the title says … progressive planning.

          Ok, so I went looking for the colours in January, green and orange of course, a nice copper colour to start with, and with two shades of green to choose from I chose khaki.  I added a brown, not too dark though, a nice soft brown labled walnut and one more colour, four is a good number … something bright to lift the other colours … Ahh, and all the better because the colour is called sunshine.

2014-01.  Sunshine yellow.

          I had no idea of what design I’d be making but was quite happy with my colours, and to make things even better, I finally began decorating the living room at home, with similar colours in mind.

          Then by mid March I had almost finished the throw I had been working on for Youngest Daughter and called into the wool shop to pick up the last few balls of wool needed … and found they’d added more colours to their range.  As nice as the sunshine yellow colour was, they’d added an orange spice colour too.

2014-03. Spice.

          Well, what’s a girl to do when faced with the impossible choice of sunshine yellow or orange spice ?!

                    I bought both !

          Ok, back to the throw, I haven’t decided what name to give it yet, I had originally planned to use the copper as the base colour, the colour which is always present in each group of squares and also the colour to fix the other squares together, but when I made a few green and orange squares to look at, I decided they needed more definition than the copper, what do you think ?

2014-03.Base copper.

          I still had some black wool handy from Mum-in-law’s ” Pink caramel throw“, and I liked the definition the black outline had added to that so I made a black square for the centre and finally a plan started to form.

2014-03. Black centre.

          Whoa there, too much definitin, too much contrast between the orange spice and the black …

2014-03. Less contrast.

          That’s better, and now for a few dividing lines between the colours and a bit of fixing together into a slightly larger square.

2014. Black outline.

                    And so it begins …

11 thoughts on “Progressive planning

    • Glad you enjoyed it. There’s often lots of me in my posts, I was explaining to a friend the other day that I don’t actually think “about” my posts, I just “think” my posts and my fingers (who learned to type on their own during school) just transfer the thoughts to the keyboard.

      • I think that simply transferring your thoughts to the keyboard is a great thing – you are putting yourself in the post, you are giving of yourself – it is not some stilted presentation, its the real you coming through, and I think that’s extremely valuable and refreshing.

        There’s another blog I follow, I think called “She kept a parrot” or something like that, and run by a delightful elderly lady called George, and she does exactly the same thing – when I read her blog, I can hear her talking – with her Texan accent, and the effect is just delightful.

        Keep on keeping on, my friend! Adrian

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    • I do my catching up on old posts in reverse, confusing sometimes isn’t it.
      But again here, that four lettered word work doesn’t come into it. 😀

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