Last weekend was a day of celebration, over the last few weeks I’ve been mentioning an upcoming special event and finally it arrived.

          Middle Daughter and Boyfriend tied the knot and became Mr and Mrs.

          Since I try to keep the blog pretty much incognito and the day was all about the people, I’ve had the not so small problem of finding a couple of pictures without people in them.

          Well it would appear we’re a shoe family.

2015-05. Shoes & Bag.

          Needless to say, my shoes were orange.  I wore a very understated outfit of classic grey trousers and a dark green top with the odd orange splash of colour on it and then added the overstated accessories with my orange shoes and bag.

2015-05. More shoes.

          Little Sister wore pink, a dress with huge pink flowers on it for the day, but by the time I took this photo at the evening party, she’d given up on the dress and changed into black trousers, with enough pink in her top to carry on the shoe theme.

          Big Sister had gone with red shoes.  Her blouse had plenty of red to top off her black skirt, and although she had thought about it, black shoes were abandoned for the bright red ones to keep up the side.

          And of course, Middle Daughter’s were the shoes everyone wanted to see on her day.  Her brains are most definitely not in her feet but it would appear both brains and feet were working together to ensure she lasted the day out in comfort.

          The flat little blue flowered shoes fitted in perfectly with her colour scheme and wedding theme for the evening party, but for the main event she wore a beautiful pair of Irregular Choice shoes, chosen I believe, even before the dress design was decided on.

2015-05. Shoes.

          No dress photo as yet, so use your imagination …

          Middle Daughter wore an ivory dress made (by Little Sister) of chinese silk, the front neckline dropped like that of a Grecian Princess whilst the rest of the dress flowed effortlessly over her slim frame to the hemline which had been raised slightly to allow a glimpse of those beautiful shoes as she walked.  The back of the dress dipped deeply to the waist where it was met by a large, Cinderella style bow and then flowed down to a delicate fish-tail hemline.

2015-05. Shoes of Choice.

9 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Hi Sally, congrats! I love shoes, and photo of shoes are great, all these ones are lovely, and you did good colour combination, orange and gray are lovely. Have a great Friday!

    • Thanks Elizabeth, the shoes were easy, it just had to be orange, as for the bag, that took a lot more searching and then everything else fell into place.
      As for the bride, her shoes were chosen first too.
      You’ve gotta love shoes haven’t you. 🙂

    • Thanks, I was pleased with them. I’ve had them for a while waiting to be worn, but of course with new shoes you have to “wear them in” before you can comfortably wear them out so I’ve slipped into them every time I’ve done the ironing. 😀
      Ironing will again become one of those mundane chores now that the shoes are “out of the bag bag”. 🙂

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