On route to Brugge

          After leaving Heathrow behind in London with not the best of weather but at least few spells of sunshine we flew over tightly packed cottonwool clouds towards Belgium.

2011-07. Bruge. Above the clouds.

          We had a reasuring message on the back of the seats in front of us …

2011-07. Brugge. Under your seat.

          And we were allowed to watch the pilot’s sat nav …

2011-07. Brugge, Satnav.

          We finally set down with the windows a little more  speckled than when we took off …

2011-07. Brugge, speckled window.

          From the airport in Brussels, the next leg of the journey was by train.  Waiting on the platform we watched as a “double-decker” stopped.

2011-07. Brugge, double-decker train.

          I raised a smile from a fellow traveller as I played with the reflection in the train window …

2011-07. Brugge, say cheese.

          And finally on the last stretch of the journey to the holiday flat we were staying at, I made Hubby wait in the rain while I took a photo of a man-hole cover !

2011-07. Brugge man-hole cover.

           More from before: pictures from my holiday in “Brugge” in July 2011.

16 thoughts on “On route to Brugge

  1. Love the way you look at things. Who would have taken the manhole cover or played with the reflections. Hope you enjoyed your stay.
    Judith 🙂

    • Thanks, my old schoolfriend once said that I think “outside of the box”. But sometimes I think it’s more a case of not remembering where the box is 🙂

    • Hee hee, this wasn’t actually my window … my other half booked online and chose the emergency exit seats for the extra leg room. The row behind us was empty so once the seatbelt sign was turned off I moved to get a better view 🙂

  2. Hope you enjoyed the break… I’m looking forward to the photo’s… my favourite of this post… the man-hole cover… I would also have made my better half wait… well, I think we would have both takn pics… 😉

    • The man-hole cover is my favourite too. The roads and pavements in Brugge are all cobbles so the suitcase wheels were going clickety clackety as it was pulled along.
      Stones … cobbles … man-hole cover with Brugge on it, how could I possibly resist. 🙂
      Incidentally, we had beautiful sunshine the following day and the cover didn’t look half so defined.

  3. I love these photographs. The first one with the wing does look surreal – I really like the clarity. I didn’t know there were double-decker trains: how awesome! I’m not much of a traveller, so it’s great seeing these. Thanks!

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