Garden planning


         This is the garden the internet estate agent told us came with the new house, from this angle it didn’t look too bad, but in reality it looked quite a lot different.

          The house had been bought by the previous owner and let out to tenants for the past seven years, the tenants were keen gardeners and used the space to the best of their abilities but being just the paying tenants that they were, they were reluctant to put in any “ground work”.  The landlord, it seems, had lost interest in the property and more investment into its value appears to have been the last thing on his mind.  As estate agents say, the existing garden had lots of “Potential“.

          I slept on my thoughts and ideas for a good while, giving the garden an investigative poke and prod here and there.  I roped Hubby into helping me take down a monstrosity of a giant lean-to and cut away half of the rotten decking to reveal the original path up to the top of the garden and a small wall near the bottom and I finally came up with a plan. 


          I found a builder who was willing to build my walls for me, but first I needed to take away the tree in the top left hand corner. “Operation treegone” wasn’t the first time I’d tackled a tree in a garden, my other tree was just a giant stump which had almost rotted, but the bushes in the border of that garden caused more than a few aching limbs. I’d like to think this is the last tree I’ll be digging up, but somehow I’m not quite confident that will be the case.


          “Building the Garden”  has taken a lot longer than originally expected.  At times its been a tad frustrating, especially the waiting around for the builder to do the bits I wasn’t able to do myself.   The soil was of a pretty good quality, it was just in the wrong place.  I’ve moved a mountain of mud pretty much around all four corners of the garden, smashing and burying old walls and paths as rubble to make foundations as I went, effectively I’ve turned the garden upside down, although I did enlist Hubby’s help on two major smashing events with the sledgehammer.


          I’ve put enough hard work into the garden so far to make my fitbit watch think I’ve taken up a sport, there’s still a long way to go and a lot of work left before I can put my feet up in one of those new deckchairs I’m going to buy, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

          Here’s the resulting garden so far…


          In my head, the finished picture is a lot more advanced.  It has white painted walls and there are deep red roses growing on arches above the “Flowerbeds“, the crazy, wet weather stepping stones are bedded into a turfed lawn for easy mowing, and there are wooden bench tops on the seat bases by the “Crazy jigsaw” patio which has also been levelled and set in cement …

          … So now onto the next stage …

          Let’s make a garden. 

          More from before : “Finishings and Fixings” and other going’s on in my “Garden“. 

9 thoughts on “Garden planning

    • Thanks Eliza.. When I get old and everything else fails me, I hope I’ll still have my imagination and what places I’ll go and things I’ll see with it. ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Thanks, there’s lots of greenery next door and lots of sparrows fly over to play in the dry soil, I’m looking forward to putting up some bird feeders next year and watching them play on the climbing roses in the flower beds. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  1. How cool to see your sketch, and then the photos of your garden come to life right before my eyes! It really is coming along, Sallyann. Congratulations on your diligence and hard work, and on the fantastic results!

    • Thanks Heide, weve bought the paint and I’ve just got two walls to finish preparing where the old lean-to monstrosity was fixed up so the white walls are next. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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